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Fantastic New CD’s Now Featured on ‘Further Reading (and Listening)’ Page!

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Check out the fabulous new CD’s on my ‘Further Reading (and Listening)’ page! Whether you are struggling to move on after a separation or the loss of a loved one, you want a mindfulness meditation CD which all of the top therapists recommend, or you want to use the law of attraction to manifest more success in your life, you can find something on our page that’s just right for you.

Simply scroll to the bottom of the site to view ‘Recommended Books and CD’s’ where you can select the CD’s by genre, or go to our ‘Further Reading (and Listening)’ page and select page 4 to browse through our new selection of CD’s.



Accessible Psychology’s New ‘Top TED Talks’ Page

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As you might have seen I have recently added a page crammed full of all of the best TED Talks on:

*  Personal Development and Psychology

*  Positive psychology

*  Philosophy

*  Mental Health

*  Faith, Spirituality and Religion

*  Creativity

Whether you want to introduce mindfulness into your life, explore what makes us happy or even find out why we do what we do, there’s a TED Talk featured on my page just for you.

The page is constantly being updated so all you need to do is sit back and enjoy all the latest TED Talks right here at Accessible Psychology!


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Further Reading Page Updated with Fabulous New Books!

The Further Reading page has just been updated with excellent new books on depression, goals, visualisation, law of attraction, time management and happiness. The page features each books description and all the details you need (such as ISBN numbers) to take note of which books you like best.

We even have links for you to see the Amazon listing and reviews! Enjoy!

Coming soon: Further Listening


What has contributed to your happiness the most? I will be writing a post based on the best comments!

The series on happiness is going to be published shortly and I wanted to get your thoughts on what makes for a happy life!

Is it doing something we love? Having deep friendships? Making sure we have a sense of progress? What has contributed most to your happiness?

Please leave your thoughts on what has worked best for you – I will write a post based on the answers of the top comments!!

Jenny Leigh’s Tiny Buddha Article: Stop Feeling Powerless and Start Powerfully Creating Your Life


Here’s the link to my Tiny Buddha article Stop Feeling Powerless and Start Powerfully Creating Your Life.

Learn how to unleash your inner power by following these three simple steps…

1)         Speak Up

2)         Get Crystal Clear

3)         Plan Ahead




Personal productivity – How to achieve in record-breaking time; Part Three

Once we realize the importance of focussing on non-urgent but important tasks we are ready to set our diaries to work. When entering into your diary it is best to tackle the whole week and this can easily be done over a half an hour period. I review my coming week every Sunday as I find it puts me in a focussed state of mind for the week ahead.


I have to agree with Stephen R Covey that when planning your week it is best to consider when you are most awake. Are you a morning person or do you feel more productive in the afternoon? Leaving the most demanding activities for when you are most alert will result in superior work. Now you have your diary and you are ready to plan your week, Stephen R Covey recommends entering in time for all of your non-urgent but important tasks first, such as working on your goals.  After that schedule in your urgent and important tasks like working on goals or projects that are approaching a deadline for example. Leave slack or ‘free time’ for urgent but not important tasks such as phone calls and some mail which may crop up throughout the day as this will help make your schedule realistic. Last but not least, take time to schedule in fun and relaxation. If we fail to make time for fun and relaxation we can leave ourselves vulnerable to stress and even burn out. In my upcoming feature this December I will look further at stress and together we will explore how to not only manage our stress levels, but significantly reduce them too. So, in order to avoid our stress levels rising, it is vital to schedule in fun and relaxation, as no matter how focussed we are, we all need time to unwind and play. It is no exaggeration to say that this approach to time management has completely transformed my productivity.


Personal productivity – How to achieve in record-breaking time; Part Two

It is worth being aware that we will frequently face distractions, demands and requests from others when pursuing our goals. However, if we are to keep on track with our goals and effectively manage our time, it is critical to learn the skill of saying no. It is worth remembering that behind every no is a greater yes – you are simply saying yes to what is most meaningful to you when you say no to others. If we continually say yes to others requests and demands we can end up spending most of our time fulfilling others priorities and fail to prioritize what is truly important to us. When saying yes to others would mean saying no to you, choose instead to politely say no to outside requests and demands. For a more in-depth look at learning how to say no, please refer to June’s 2014 series ‘Sick of over-extending yourself? Learn how to say no.’


According to the Pareto Principle, created by an Italian economist of the same name, just twenty percent of our efforts can bring eighty percent of our rewards.


The Happiness Project

The Happiness Project: Or, Why I Spent a Year Trying to Sing in the Morning, Clean My Closets, Fight Right, Read Aristotle, and Generally Have More Fun by Gretchen Rubin (Click on link to see Amazon listing and reviews)

Here at Accessible Psychology I just wanted to share with you next months hot topic – Happiness! If you’d like to do a little fun reading before my next months series posts in October just take a read of the bestseller The Happiness Project.

This is one of my favourite little gems, written by none other than the New York Times bestseller, Gretchen Ruben (and for this book, no less). As a reader you don’t often notice evidence of research on the writers part, but Gretchen Rubin shares a wealth of information and scientific findings on Happiness – and all presented in a light-hearted and easy to read way. A must read for anyone looking to maximise their bliss!

Accessible Psychology’s Jenny Leigh to appear on Tiny Buddha

Jenny Leigh, the author of Accessible Psychology, has been accepted to guest write for Tiny Buddha, the personal development blog which has over three million (yes, million) unique visitors each month. In Jenny’s article – which is due to be posted in the next two months or so – she explains how she shifted from a state of powerlessness to one of power, after overcoming her turbulent childhood. In her article you will discover the three simple steps that will lead you to make this fundamental shift for yourself. Stay tuned for the link to her Tiny Buddha article, titled ‘How to shift from powerless to powerful’ and learn what has made Jenny Leigh’s story one of hope for us all.

Personal productivity – How to achieve in record-breaking time; Part One

When it comes to time management, I’ve had a bumpy ride. In an effort to increase my productivity I finally bought a diary and created a list of goals. I could never have anticipated the enormous impact those two simple steps would have. Eager to develop effective time management, I continued to read all I could on the topic. Although I’m still learning I’m now in a place where I’m dedicating time to what matters to me most and making more progress than I ever imagined was possible. If you feel, as I did, that the days pass you by without your consent and you are always running against the clock, effective time management may well be your new best friend.