To keep motivation at an optimum, improve your confidence and give you an undeniable sense of progression and achievement it’s important to re-read your success journal regularly. For those of you that missed the post, a success journal is a journal that, well, lists your successes. If you’re lacking motivation at work, or with just about any activity, it’s a great exercise. Try to ensure your entries are dated, as specific as possible and list even the smallest of successes along with the more obvious big successes you encounter.


But once you’ve written one, why re-read it?


Remember, a sense of progression and achievement are pivotal in increasing our happiness, so in practise it’s a very empowering and uplifting activity and its impact lasts longer than you may expect. In fact, in the long term re-reading your success journal will have a lasting impact upon both your confidence and motivation, not to mention an increased belief and a greater resolve to achieve your goals.


Have you ever considered keeping a success journal? What have been your successes over the last week, big and small? Does it make you feel good to remind yourself of them? Please share your thoughts in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you.