Everyone knows that the lounge is where most people spend most of their time in the home (unless you’re wealthy and can afford a large kitchen) and so making it a welcoming space, free from clutter is essential in order to create a harmonious living environment. In the past I have project managed an interior design project from conception to completion, here are the tips and tricks for creating a welcoming lounge that I picked up along the way.


To minimise clutter have a designated area for magazines and incoming post. For magazines you  could use a coffee table with drawers or a stand alone rack by the sofa which was decluttered every month. Likewise, for post try having a drawer where new mail goes before being sorted into your filing system, to be decluttered weekly.


Ensure items on any shelving remain streamlined, with just a few books, photos or mementos on show. In this case, less is more – the pieces remaining will stand out better if they are made into a feature as opposed to being one piece amongst many.


As shoes and coats can often be a source of clutter ensure that your hallway has an elegant painted wooden shoe rack (off white looks lovely) with a coat hanger above it.


As a general rule, try to apply the following rules to your lounge decor:


  • Make the curtains and sofa/s match
  • Use candles, flowers and lamps to accent your colour scheme reflected in the sofa and curtains
  • Use rugs which are the same colour as the walls to completely colour coordinate your scheme
  • Use large wall clocks and mirrors to make design statements
  • If you use one piece that has a bold design, stick to plain colours elsewhere.


What top tips and tricks do you use to create a decluttered, welcoming lounge? As always, I’d love to hear from you so please do share what has worked for you in the comments below.