Once you’ve maximised your space with handy storage and gotten your bedroom organised you can begin the fun part – decorating!  Even if you’re renting out your room you can personalise the decor to your taste. Below are some of my decor tips and tricks.


Pick your favourite colour and choose three shades of it that you like.


List everything you can change in the room. For example, if you are renting this will be all of the soft furnishings, including the curtains and any pillows you may want to buy (definitely worth it for a luxurious effect).


If you want to incorporate a pattern, choose which type (i.e. striped, floral etc) and then make a feature out of it. If you do have a pattern, then stick to non-patterned colours from your colour scheme elsewhere.


Choose soft furnishings in your colour scheme but be sure to add finishing touches in the colour of the walls, for example, my colour scheme is rouge but I have cream bed lights on my bedside tables and a cream rug to make it tie together with my walls.


Try to get all of your electrical items in the same finish and colour e.g. black or silver.


Personalise your space with photos in photo frames that are all in the same style but different none the less. Top tip: do not mix colour photos with black and white photos – choose and stick to one type or the other.


Add mirrors opposite windows to give the illusion of space.


If you want to get creative, do a mosaic mirror. DIY Tip: Buy a flat wooden framed mirror with wide frames and buy mosaic glue and tiles and create your very own mosaic mirror which is perfectly matched to your colour scheme.


What are your top decor tips? Please share your top tips and tricks in the comments below – I’d love to hear from you!