I’ve spoken a lot about the psychological benefits of decluttering this month and how to go about doing it but when it comes to computers backing up is just as important. Without a back up of your computer you could be left having lost all of your important documents should your computer break down on you. I would recommend backing up to your portable hard drive once a month and possibly more regularly depending on how much you use your computer for work, studies or in my case, writing.


The portable back up hard drive I use is excellent and very slim line so it needn’t take up loads of space when it’s not in use. Should you wish to purchase one (which I would strongly recommend you do) the details of the product are listed below:


Iomega Prestige Portable 500GB USB 2 0 External Hard Drive Model: 31868600


Allow around two to three hours for a complete back up to take place. One of the great things about the Iomega back up hard drive is that as soon as you plug it in via the two USB’s, the computer automatically prompts you to back up, so it’s very simple to use.


I would also recommend taking in your computer for general maintenance once a year as this can significantly improve the efficiency and speed of your computer.


Do you back up your computer regularly? Which back up drive do you use? Have you ever taken your computer in for general maintenance? Please leave your back up tips in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you.