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Self-Discipline – Who Needs It?

In truth we all need self-discipline to do the things required of us as functioning adults. Budgeting, tax returns and cleaning are all tasks most people don’t enjoy but nevertheless need to do. These tasks require self-discipline. If, like me, you are highly driven and want to achieve more than most, then it will be no surprise that you will also need to develop more self-discipline than most too.


There are many people who could benefit from developing higher levels of self-discipline, here are just a few:


  • Young adults who have only recently become independent.
  • Business owners.
  • People who want to achieve big things.
  • People who procrastinate.
  • People who watch excessive amounts of TV or play video games excessively.
  • People who spend 100% of their time outside of work socialising to the extent that they neglect important tasks such as housework or paying bills.


Why We Don’t Do What’s Good For Us and How To Get Out of Our Own Way


There are so many reasons why we don’t always do what we know to be good for us. We might just not want to do it, we may even hate doing it (like budgeting) or we might be low on motivation and need to remind ourselves why we would benefit from doing it in the first place.


Yesterday I spoke of self-discipline being like a muscle, but if that’s true what exercises can we do to build up our self-discipline muscle? There are several strategies that can be used and to help you along the way here are my top five:


What is Self-Discipline?


According to the Collins online dictionary, self discipline is:


“The act of power to discipline one’s own feelings, desires, etc, especially with the intention of improving oneself”


In my experience self-discipline is when we do things which we either don’t like, don’t want to at the time or which we simply have no motivation for, so that we can achieve more and improve ourselves.