Having reaped the rewards of increased flexibility and adaptiveness by incorporating more play into our daily lives – the two key qualities which most equip us for dealing with change – I thought that problem solving would be a great hot topic to cover as we would now be in a perfect position to look at how best to tackle change and decision making when it inevitably arises.


Problem solving is a six step process which, to do well, involves us being receptive to all possibilities so we can look at and evaluate all the options objectively.


In this month’s series we will be covering:


  1. Identify and Clearly Define the Problem
  2. Brainstorm Possible Solutions
  3. Assess the Pro’s and Con’s
  4. Plan how to carry out your solutions
  5. Action
  6. Review


Although these steps look relatively simple in practise problem solving can be quite involved so throughout March I’ll be taking you through the steps one by one so you can get the most out of your decision making. As always the more in-depth series posts will be featured on Mondays with linear posts published Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.