This is a difficult one. The number one rule of getting along with a narcissist is not to question their thinking or rational. However, when they aren’t showing you any empathy and you are having difficulty in your relationship with them a little empathy from them goes a long way in potentially solving the relational issue. The best way to cushion the criticism is therefore to start with a positive and end with how you feel.


For example:


I love how you used to listen to me, it made me feel very understood and special. Recently I have been feeling sad and rejected because I sense a difference in how you listen to me. Please may you try to listen to me the way you did back then now?


If you are having difficulty in your relations with a narcissist please comment below and I will do my best to give you suggestions on how you can word things so as to encourage the narcissist in your life to have greater empathy towards you. Having said this, a true narcissist will have great difficulty cultivating empathy towards others on a consistent basis so having realistic expectations is key.