The countdown is now officially on for the brand new Accessible Psychology. The new design will have a magazine style look and feel, letting you browse easily for whatever takes your fancy – from cultivating patience to boosting your productivity.


The new design will be launched early July but there will still be works taking place in the background whilst I add pictures to all of the 300+ articles I’ve written over the years. Full posting will be back up and running at the beginning of August and this is when all social media will be re-launched too. I’m just so excited to share with you the plans I have in store!


There will be monthly film and book reviews on character based, psychologically driven stories with a few self improvement books thrown in too, social media competitions to win the books featured in the reviews (so if you haven’t joined my Twitter or Facebook page, now is a great time) and even Twitter polls where you get to decide what content I share.


Do you have any features you would like me to add to the new and improved site? Please do get in touch by either clicking and commenting on this post or using my contact form and share your thoughts, I’d love to hear from you.