For those of you at a loss as to how to accurately assess what to score yourself in each of the eight key life areas there’s no need to worry. In the upcoming posts there will be questionnaires for each section so all you need to do is answer the questions, add your total up and hey presto, you have your score.


All that’s left is to get crystal clear on what a perfect ten score would mean for you. Would you earn more money in your job, if so how much? Would you contact your friends more often? Etc. And just for you I’ve also given some key questions for you to ask yourself which will help you discover what a perfect ten would look like.


Stay tuned – next Tuesday is the first of the coming questionnaires so have a pen and paper handy!


Do you already have an idea what you will score yourself in each of the eight key life audit areas? Will you be using my questionnaires? Please share your thoughts in the comments below, our community would love to hear from you.