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Hi Guys,


I’m now in the fine tuning stages of getting the new website up and running and wow am I excited!


We have a brand new bookstore and loads of interesting and interactive things in the pipe works so stay tuned for updates.


In the meantime, whilst I’m preparing the website, I thought I would re-post some of your favorite articles from the past three years.


The first article to kick-start the highlight posts is a classic on assertiveness called ‘Assertiveness; A Journey Worth Taking’.


Stay tuned for future highlight posts, selected just for you.


Wishing you all a wonderful week,

x X x Jenny x X x

The Brand New Accessible Psychology Site Is On It’s Way!

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Hey Guys,


Well its been an exhausting few weeks at Accessible Psychology but finally I have some news to share..


I am so excited to tell you all that the new site is now in it’s final stages, eeek!  It’s already looking great and will be so much easier to navigate. 🙂


I will announce the exact Re-Launch date closer to the time, but for now, here’s a sneaky little peak of everything we have in store once we go live…


  • Brand new ‘Mind’s Eye’ film and book reviews of selected new releases. There will be one film review and a best-selling book review each month. All reviews will feature character driven plot lines reviewed from a psychological perspective.
  • A competition across all Accessible Psychology social media channels with a prize giveaway of the first two reviews – one bestselling book and one new release film on DVD.
  • New category menu – making finding your favorite articles ten times easier.
  • Slick new magazine style site featuring photo’s with every post, a brand new logo and more!


In the meantime, August’s Hot Topic is ‘A Detox For The Soul: How To Eradicate Gossip For A Lighter, Happier Existence’ and will start next Monday, August 7th.


Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for updates on when the new site will go live.


Wishing you all a wonderful week,


x X x Jenny x X x

A Message Just For You…

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In the lead up to the re-launch I have examined my writing and I have to say I cringed at some of it. I think part of being a writer is critiquing your own work and as you progress on your journey you learn new things. Looking back I feel like I’ve dropped the ball a bit. As some of you know I also work a nine to five and – if I’m really honest – in order to keep up with the volume of work I need to put out there I feel I’ve let the quality of my writing slide a bit. At times I’ve written almost on autopilot, sharing my knowledge on areas but in a way that, when I re-read it, seemed slightly dry and impersonal.


What’s more I felt that in some of my writing the tone has been hinting that I know it all and obviously have it all figured out – which couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m on a journey the same as everyone and the reason why I started this blog was because I genuinely wanted to share what has helped me along the way, in the hope it could help others.

So I wanted to apologize if you ever felt my tone was off key – this was never my intention and I want you to know I have a huge amount of respect for each and every one of you. Looking to foster more self awareness and growth in your life is a very courageous thing to do and you should be extremely proud of yourself for taking that step.


As of the 17th June I am taking six months off work to study, meaning I will have more time to dedicate to Accessible Psychology and my writing. I aim to use this time wisely to refocus my efforts and, as of August, there will be daily postings again and the site will be in full swing.

Please do let me know what you think of the new site and all of the social media channels; after all you are the heart and soul of Accessible Psychology and the only reason why I continue to do what I do.

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead,

With much love and respect,

x X x Jenny x X x
























Coming Soon… The New And Improved Accessible Psychology

The countdown is now officially on for the brand new Accessible Psychology. The new design will have a magazine style look and feel, letting you browse easily for whatever takes your fancy – from cultivating patience to boosting your productivity.


The new design will be launched early July but there will still be works taking place in the background whilst I add pictures to all of the 300+ articles I’ve written over the years. Full posting will be back up and running at the beginning of August and this is when all social media will be re-launched too. I’m just so excited to share with you the plans I have in store!


There will be monthly film and book reviews on character based, psychologically driven stories with a few self improvement books thrown in too, social media competitions to win the books featured in the reviews (so if you haven’t joined my Twitter or Facebook page, now is a great time) and even Twitter polls where you get to decide what content I share.


Do you have any features you would like me to add to the new and improved site? Please do get in touch by either clicking and commenting on this post or using my contact form and share your thoughts, I’d love to hear from you.

Under Construction – New Website On The Way! (but don’t worry, I’m keeping the address)

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Some of you may have noticed that posts have been reduced to only the Monday series articles. In truth there are several reasons, some of which I shall share with you and others which I’m sure, given time, I will write about. I have had a very tough start to 2017, as my dog, Rusty, died from kidney failure. He was my baby and with me since the age of nineteen. I grew up with him and when he passed I felt like he took a bit of me with him. It was my first experience of death as an adult and a very difficult time. Thankfully my faith saw me through and was such a source of strength.


Then around a month ago I had difficulty in one of my close relationships, this has subsided however the healing process is ongoing – though I am now confident enough to say the relationship is on the right path once again. During these trials the one thing I can honestly say I’ve missed is connecting and sharing life with you all. Although I didn’t take the decision to cut back on my writing commitments lightly, I knew that I would not have been living in alignment with my values or therapy had I not followed stress management 101 – reduce demands and increase resources.


And now for my exciting announcement – Accessible Psychology is getting a complete redesign!


Don’t worry I’m keeping the web address however pretty much everything else will be new and improved. One of the main reasons for the redesign is that…


Accessible Psychology selected from thousands of blogs to be featured in Feedspot’s ‘Top 100 Psychology Blogs’

Hi All,


Accessible Psychology has been selected from thousands of psychology blogs throughout the internet to be featured on Feedspot’s ‘Top 100 Psychology Blogs’ list that every psychologist and psychology student must follow.


For those of you new to Feedspot, the site is designed with blog readers in mind and lets you read all of your favorite blogs from one website, saving you time in the process.


Why they call it love at first sight and other musings



Hi All,


My sincere apologies, you may have noticed in recent weeks that I haven’t been posting as frequently as usual. Several weeks ago on a Friday afternoon my father decided to have complicated double cataract surgery – the following Monday and Wednesday no less! My mother and I were in a complete frenzy trying to help my father prepare for the surgery and book his disabled hotel room for his recovery whilst also trying to mentally prepare ourselves for my fathers immanent operations.


My mother, at 66 years old (even though she only looks 52) has had to administer eye drops for my father up to four times a day, with nail bitingly high precision (if just one additional drop hits the eye the entire eye needs to be washed out). To help my mother, who also works, manage, I offered to look after Rusty, our adorable Yorkshire Terrier who is fifteen years old and has reduced kidney function meaning he needs to be fed and hydrated every two to three hours. The good news is both Rusty and my father are doing well, with my dad making a speedy recovery.




Due to the speed at which my father booked in the surgery, and the haste with which we all needed to adapt to our new regimes, I have been unable to maintain my usual four times weekly posts, though I have made sure to continue the Monday series posts. In the coming weeks I shall be building back up to my regular four times weekly posts, in the meantime I hope you enjoy and take value from the current series on how to reveal your passions and discover your life purpose.


In the midst of all the chaos caused by acclimatizing to all of the changes it made me think, why were mom and I so petrified of these operations when we were comparatively calm when my dad underwent prostate cancer surgery?  I think in part we had longer to come to terms with that operation but with this it felt so sudden. But it was more than that – it was my dads sight. Eyes are inextricably linked to the essence of someone, it is the looking glass into their mind and spirit and the portal by which they see and interpret the world. That is why they call it love at first sight! It made me realize and value the importance of my own sight in some strange way, it made me aware of how priceless my eyesight was to my existence and reminded me not to take it for granted.


Very seldom have I ever had an insight into the deep rooted and painful regret we experience once we realize that what we once took for granted is now gone – perhaps permanently – and we discover the enormous worth it had all along. One of the few times I remember having this realization was when I had my breakdown, how much I missed having good mental health and how, at my lowest moments, I felt I may have lost it for good. I remember wishing I could go back in time and relive times when I was happy, only this time recognizing, appreciating, adoring my mental health. The wonderful thing is however, that it did return.


For those of you out there suffering with the loss of something you once took for granted but now realize was priceless my message is simple. There is hope. If you are suffering from a physical illness don’t give up, you can beat this. For those suffering with emotional scars that appear like they may never heal, trust me, they can and – if you seek help – they most likely will. For those of you that have not lost anything, cherish all that you have and take a minute to imagine what your life would be like if you weren’t blessed with good eyesight, hearing, physical or mental health. If you take just a minute to ponder this you will experience the absolute joy at knowing just how blessed you are to have all this and more.


What do you consider priceless to your life? Have you taken time to appreciate it lately? Please share your thoughts in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you.


Wishing you all a wonderful weekend,


x X x Jenny x X x

Accessible Psychology featured in ultimate psychology blogs list!


Accessible Psychology has been featured as one of the best psychology blogs on the web in recent article titled ‘Psychology Blogs: The Ultimate List’.


The list features some of the biggest online names in psychology including Mind Hacks, PsychCentral, Psychology Today, (naturally) and Reflectd.


If you love everything to do with psychology (and I’m guessing you do, judging by the fact that you’re reading this) I would strongly recommend checking these blogs and out! is an innovative psychology blog which examines the latest research as well as topical discussion, concerning the areas of psychology and science that contribute to our understanding of health and well-being and the blog offers an evidence based, objective viewpoint.


Reflectd also stands out and is a fantastic little blog which takes psychology theory and news and breaks it down into simple, easy to understand language.


Enjoy the blogosphere everyone!


Kindness Gift Off This Saturday 20th June on the Tube in Central London

I recently wrote an article on kindness titled ‘What’s in it for me? The transformative power of kindness and its inextricable link to long-term happiness’. Whilst researching for the article I came across the idea of leaving your favourite book on a bus with a note for someone to discover. I liked the idea so much I went out and bought 30 copies of my favourite book ‘Lovely Bones’ by Alice Sebold to give away on the tube this coming Saturday 20th June.

Why Lovely Bones? Because it epitomizes triumph over struggle, the strength of the human spirit and because it serves as a gentle reminder that we can all reach a state where we are at peace with life and the world if we focus on tapping into our inner strength and resilience. In short, it symbolises the very essence of what this blog is all about.

The gifts will be packaged in see through envelopes with silver glitter letters on them spelling ‘Pssst… I’m a gift for you – read me’ and will include a short note on why I think Lovely Bones is such a special book, my article on kindness that inspired this all and the book itself. At the end of my article the only request I make is that the lucky recipients pass on an act of kindness in return, from the list given in my article.

So what are you waiting for? Get on the tube and you may very well discover one of my kindness gift packs, just for you!

Wishing you all a wonderful week,

Jenny Leigh

Jenny Leigh Podcast Interview with Melissa Wilson of The Grass Gets Greener


Hi All,


In this episode of The Grass Gets Greener podcast, I joined by Melissa Wilson of The Grass Gets Greener. I share my story of how I overcame bullying all throughout school to regain my self-esteem and get my power back. Click here to listen for yourself.


If you want to improve your self-esteem please read my Tiny Buddha article titled ‘Learning to Love Yourself: 3 Steps to Instantly Boost Your Self-Esteem’ and for a more in-depth approach to working on your self-esteem please look at the free online course ‘CCI InfoPax: Improving Self-Esteem’.


Should you feel your self-esteem is healthy, please read my other Tiny Buddha article on regaining your power titled ‘Stop Feeling Powerless and Start Powerfully Creating Your Life’ so you can begin creating a life you love.





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