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Career In Action: Current role – list likes and dislikes

Seeing as it’s Valentines it’s time to find out how much you love your current role and list your specific likes and dislikes. For now, separate the politics from the role itself – the politics list of likes and dislikes comes later.


As with any exercise like this, one list will invariably be easier than the other, but try your best to think of as many items for each list. The longer and more detailed the list, the better, as this will be a strong indicator of what future jobs will either be a perfect fit or a disaster waiting to happen.


Career In Action: Research your shortlist of career paths

The name of the game here is research, research, research!

For each shortlisted role find out:


How much could you expect to earn as a minimum and maximum (in your area) and what is the average salary?

Do you need to study? Is it not required, optional or necessary?

Are there other benefits, such as bonuses, working from home or being able to work for yourself etc?


Put all these details in a spreadsheet, word document or even on good old fashioned paper – you’ll need this later!


Career In Action: Research jobs based on your finances (but jobs you would still find rewarding!)

Take today to really think about what you have found rewarding in the past. What career options would both capitalize on this but still pay what you need as a minimum? If you are at a loss for what minimum salary you need please see yesterdays post.


Research the roles which would pay enough at entry level (both before and after study if either option is open to you) whilst also providing you with a career or job you believe you would still find fulfilling. Please don’t be tempted to fool yourself that the money is enough to warrant a career change in and of itself, you need to find your career or job rewarding! Remember to factor in any savings, partners or family members which could support you whilst studying or building up experience.


A very helpful aid when looking whether you would take home enough money after tax for any given salary is a salary calculator and you can easily find these for free online. You simply enter in the salary and it calculates how much you would take home after tax. This is an excellent way of deciphering what salary you will need to achieve to meet your monthly financial commitments, such as a mortgage or family.


Career In Action: What to do if you are struggling to evaluate your expenses

If finances dictate you search for a career with a minimum salary, evaluating your financial commitments and expenditure can be daunting. Fear not! All you need do is read last Novembers hot topic titled ‘Why spending could be damaging your dreams; how to create a budget that supports your life goals’. Please do read all of the ‘Budgeting In Action’ posts relating to the expenses tab which will walk you through how to fill it all in (complete with formulas already entered) and free for you to download below:


Download “Finance-Budgeting-Spreadsheet.xlsb” Finance-Budgeting-Spreadsheet.xlsb – Downloaded 275 times – 17 KB


After you complete filling in the spreadsheet expenses tab you are all set – remember you need a salary that will cover all of your expenses and ideally allow you to save 100-300 a month.


Career In Action: Forget your limitations

The aim here is to imagine you have a completely fresh start, a blank canvas for a career / job. What are your passions? What do you genuinely love to do? Could you make a career out of it? Brainstorm as many ideas as possible!


If you would like to discover what your true passion and purpose is please read my article titled ‘How to reveal your passions and discover your life purpose in 4 easy steps’.


Career In Action: Questions you need to ask yourself to reveal if you like your job

It should be simple enough to know whether or not we like our jobs, shouldn’t it? In reality though, things aren’t always that straight forward. We live in a world that celebrates material gain and power, so when we ask ourselves whether we like our jobs, do these factors influence our answer?


If you earn a respectable salary and have climbed the ladder do you try to convince yourself you like your job because society thinks you should? And if you earn minimum wage but enjoy your work, do you feel guilty for not being more ambitious, choosing to find fault because you think you should be dissatisfied?


There are ten key questions we should all honestly answer when we are trying to reveal whether we like our work which are listed below. Be as honest as possible when answering them for yourself.


Career In Action: Do you like your work / life balance?

Do you feel like you are getting the most from life outside of work? Ask these simple questions to decipher whether you are achieving the work / life balance you desire:


Do you have time to reflect and be alone? Would you like more alone time?
Do you have time to socialize in the way that you would like with friends and family?
Do you have time to relax? Would you like more relaxation time?
Do you have time to engage in hobbies, classes or interests?
Do you have time to do fun and playful things, just for the sake of it?
Do you have meaningful personal goals that you are working towards?
Do you have regular vacations or staycations to unwind and relax?


If the answer to most of these questions is no, it’s possible you aren’t getting the work / life balance you desire. Try rearranging things a little and if your work is not allowing you to get the most out of your personal life, consider whether there are more suitable positions out there which would give you the work / life balance you desire.


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