Confidence In Action

Confidence In Action: Envisage Confidence

Describe how a confident you would feel. What would it look like? How would you act? What would your body language communicate and how? This exercise will help crystalize what you are working towards throughout this series and give you motivation to develop lasting confidence. Place what you write down somewhere accessible like on your phone or on a mirror to inspire you to continue working on your confidence levels.


Confidence In Action: List Insecure Behavior

This week I thought it would be useful for you to list the times when you have felt insecure, what did that look like for you? How did you behave? What was your body language communicating and how? In thinking about how you behave when you feel insecure and writing this down you will be able to identify when you are behaving in an insecure way and consequently, correct this more easily.


This exercise may sound simple and in many ways it is, however taking time to think about insecure behaviors will place you at a distinct advantage when developing lasting confidence as described in the Monday series posts.


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