The questions that deepen friendships


Sometimes when our friends are going through tough times that are foreign to us it’s hard to know exactly what to say or how to approach the conversation. Here are some deeper questions that will encourage your friend to open up to you, enabling you to understand what they are going through better.



How to captivate friends and build new friendships fast


Unless you’re an extremely confident person it can be difficult in the early stages of a friendship when you are getting to know someone. Below I have outlined the top ten questions which will keep your friends captivated and help you get to know new friends that little bit easier – enjoy!



Does how long friends that have healthy friendships spend together matter? Why knowing the answer will improve your social life.


Lets face it, everyone has a different idea about how much personal time they like to spend away from their friends. Whilst socializing strengthens our resilience and builds up our resources in times of stress, it doesn’t mean that spending all your spare time with friends is necessary or even desirable.


Incidentally, if you are going through a period of stress, you will be less likely to want to see your friends. In this instance I would recommend you see them as much as possible – despite your inclination otherwise – as it will increase your resources which is essential for stress management.


Ultimately everyone has different comfort levels when it comes to socialising and what feels right for one friend may not for another. For example, your married friend may like to spend less time socializing and might not want to socialize in exactly the same way. In this case finding middle ground is key – perhaps socializing over a coffee would work well.


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