Kindness Challenge: Day Ten of Twelve – Say Thank You


Take today to think of the things others have done for you and that you are grateful for. Choose the thing you are most grateful for, it needn’t be something that someone has recently done for you and send them a thank you note. This could be hand written, emailed or even text. Tell them what it meant to you and let them know you appreciated their kindness.


Kindness Challenge: Day Nine of Twelve – Call a Good Friend You Don’t Often Speak With


We all have them. Great friends who – for whatever reason – we don’t often speak to. Friends with busy schedules, kids, hectic careers or even those living far away. Use today as an opportunity to call a friend you love but don’t speak to often and let them know you’re thinking about them.



Kindness Challenge: Day Five of Twelve – Buy a Family Member Something Thoughtful


Take today to think about family, what you value about them, what they like, their interests and hobbies. Buy them something thoughtful and present it to them with a note about how much you value them or simply sign it thinking of you.



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