Life Audit

Two Year Budget Template

Hi All,


Just so you have all the tools you need to make 2016 the year you get control over your finances, helping you to effectively design the life you long for, I have designed a two year budget, including all the formulas you’ll need so that it will automatically calculate your savings in a spreadsheet format. This will help you to complete the process of your financial audit.


Download “Two-Year-Budget.xlsb” Two-Year-Budget-Posted-14.01.16.xlsb – Downloaded 153 times – 15 KB


Happy budgeting everyone!


Wishing you a prosperous year,


x X x Jenny Leigh x X x

How to inspire motivation by building a reward system into your life audit

Over the years I’ve come up with ways to reward myself for doing life audits. I find it helps me stay motivated and inspired to continue evaluating my life in this way every New Year. So, just to give you a boost and a surge of inspiration, I have listed my favorite ways to reward myself so you too can get the New Year off to a great start too.


Treats to have after scoring yourself for each of the eight life sections:


  • Have a coffee or hot chocolate
  • Have a small sweet
  • Listen to your favorite song on full blast
  • Call a friend for a quick chat and invite them out once your life audit is completed to celebrate


How to feel the fear and do it anyway when it comes to life audits

One of my favorite books is Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway . It taught me that when we push outside of our comfort zone we will inevitably experience fear which, rather than being a bad sign, is actually positive as it indicates we are growing and advancing. The trick is to feel the fear and do it anyway! When I first sat down to do a life audit it was a very scary experience. For the first time I was confronting the reality of my life rather than doing anything I could to deny what a state it was in. In order for my life audit to be effective I had to brutally honest, I had to face what I feared the most – I had to accept that my life in need of a renovation.


But then something amazing happened, I started thinking about what I wanted my life to look like and I began to see the limitless possibilities in front of me. If, like me, you are hesitant to do a life audit take heart – the aim is not to dwell in self-pity but to envisage your life afresh, for without knowing where you are, you can’t move forward to where you want to be.