Are bad boys really narcissists?

There are many girls who are drawn to bad boys, the flashy, arrogant and charming types. Interestingly the bad boy stereotype fits in with the average narcissist perfectly, who are often charismatic and self serving with little empathy. What is perhaps more concerning though is that seemingly ‘nice guys’ can also be narcissists – they can be faithful despite their narcissistic persuasion.


In truth narcissism is more closely linked with the typical bad boy but narcissism is indiscriminate and there are as many different types of narcissist as there are people, each with their own varying degree of narcissism.



July’s Hot Topic – The Growing Epidemic of Narcissism


Next month’s hot topic is narcissism. With a growing number of the population now falling well within the narcissistic spectrum it is essential to be able to spot a narcissist early on so as to avoid a potentially toxic relationship, whether it be with a co-worker, friend, boss or romantic interest.


Next month’s series will walk you through how to spot narcissist whether they be co-workers, lovers or friends. It will give top tips on how to disengage from their games and what to do when the narcissist in question is a family member – you won’t want to miss it so stay tuned!

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