achieving your goals by budgeting

How to check your credit score (and why it’s important)

I recently got my credit score from Doddle, a UK based site which offers the service for free. The reason I did so was because in the next few years I aim to buy a house with my boyfriend and I wanted to be as proactive as I could in making sure I had the best possible chance of securing the mortgage I needed. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that although there is always room for improvement, it is very healthy.


I would encourage absolutely everyone to get their credit rating, which you can now actually do for free. Of course, if your credit score is bad, such credit score sites offer an inexpensive service that tells you how to get your rating healthy again. Although this does cost a small amount of money the service is invaluable and well worth doing if you have a bad rating or are looking to buy a house or take out credit in the near future.


To get your free credit report please click on the links below. Remember ignorance is only bliss so long as you don’t realize the hard way you were ignorant (like getting rejected for a car loan or mortgage for example).


Why Effective Budgeting Empowers Us

It’s a sad fact that millions of people in the UK have just £100 in savings, with the US not far ahead only having $500 in savings. Living without the stability of having emergency savings (typically advised by financial experts as needing to be six months worth of living costs) can have a huge psychological impact. Anxiety, depression and stress can all be symptoms of being financially insecure.


Although budgeting may be a scary prospect considering the state of most people’s savings the alternative is much worse. What if you lost your job? Would you have enough savings to support yourself and possibly your children whilst you look for another?