I’ll never forget my holiday backpacking around Europe. My friend and I had only booked our travel and hostel stays – everything else was wide open. I remember exploring city parks in Madrid and meeting the locals, using sign language to fill in the gaps where language couldn’t. Singing on the beach by moonlight whilst we heard the waves crashing at a little seaside town in Portugal and watching as the darkened countryside passed us by at 1am when we were on a night train.


As I’ve grown older I have to admit I’ve become more structured with my plans. My diary enables me to be very organized and productive but sometimes I think I may have become too rigid, not allowing for the unexpected or spontaneous in life. So recently I’ve been reminding myself of that trip all those years ago and taking steps towards being more flexible (more on that later).


The good news is that the more we play, the more flexible and adaptive we become – it’s a sort of virtuous cycle. Having said this, by being more spontaneous we can develop more flexibility. For example, doing one random thing each week or by changing plans last minute.


Below are just a few of the ways we can instil more spontaneity into our lives, so we foster greater levels of adaptiveness and flexibility: