balance at work

Finding Balance In Action: Read my Tiny Buddha article on self-esteem

Tiny Buddha article link =  ‘Learning to love yourself: 3 steps to instantly boost your self-esteem’.


Today take ten minutes to read my Tiny Buddha article and do the exercises as featured in each step, resolving to base your self-esteem on your character rather than your job. The feeling of liberation this brings is immense because you and only you get to decide the type of person you want to be, so in essence your self-esteem is completely within your control.


Finding Balance In Action: Introduce a reward system to avoid procrastination

I still struggle on a Monday morning to psyche myself up for work and if I’m honest my morning coffee usually takes a while to finish before I feel able to get down to business. One of the things I do to help myself avoid procrastinating is to introduce a reward system. To me this is having a five minute cigarette break after completing a task (I know, it’s an awful habit).


For you it could be going for a five minute walk or making yourself a cup of hot chocolate and maybe if you finish your morning tasks treating yourself to a bite to eat and a coffee at your local café?


Finding Balance In Action: Take lunch

Having lunch at your desk has become more and more common. Trust me when I say sandwiches taste much better when enjoyed in a kitchen listening to music and reading your favorite magazine. It’s a widely known fact that the more rested we are the more productive we become so commit to taking lunch every day this week and see the difference it makes, both on your productivity and your overall resilience and mood.


Finding Balance In Action: Delegate

Spend today thinking about the tasks you could delegate at work. Then have a list of the relevant tasks and who to delegate to handy so that should you need to delegate with ease.


Keeping a list in this way of possible delegations will give you a valuable buffer should you run out of time on your more important work and will psychologically mean you feel more in control of your workload. If delegating is not a possibility, consider whether you could keep a similar list of possible collaborations and team work.


Balance In Action: Diary management and prioritization

Each morning when I arrive into work I spend five minutes doing diary management. I number each to do for the day in order of priority and scheduling in the time I will tackle it and how long it will take. Then at night I do the same, this time ensuring that all my to do’s for the week ahead are realistic and achievable.


I find setting out my intentions for the day and week ahead makes me clearer on my daily goals and focuses my mind firmly on work. It also makes me much more productive as it means I spend my time at work strategically on what matters most.


Do you often find you reach the end of the working day rushed off your feet without getting much done? Do you think diary management would help with this? How would you prioritize your workload? Please share your thoughts in the comments below to gain encouragement, insight and support from our community, we’d love to hear from you.