On the surface bravery and resilience may not seem to have much in common. Does it not follow however, that having the courage to face scary situations will inevitably make you stronger? In my experience consistently facing our fears makes us stronger and more confident, so that when tough times hit, we know we will have more experience handling tough situations, thereby increasing our resilience.


But how do we consistently face what scares us? Below are some of my top tips for getting started on facing our fears.


  1. List activities you are scared of eg driving, cycling, conflict, heights


  1. List two ways to face your fear for each activity, one low fear option, one medium fear option and one high fear option




Driving – practicing with someone in the car with you (low fear), driving in rush hour with someone in the car (medium fear) and driving solo (high fear)


Cycling – cycling in a park with cycle paths (low fear), cycling in rough terrain (medium fear) and cycling on the road (high fear)


Conflict – asserting yourself over something small (low fear), bringing up a put down and asserting yourself to the person who said it (medium fear) and asserting yourself over something important (high fear)


Heights – going up steps with holes in them (low fear), going to the top of a tall building and looking at the view (medium fear) and skydiving (high fear)