The opportunities of problem solving

I’ve often thought of problem solving as having one single purpose – to solve any given problem. Whilst this is mostly true, this fails to give enough credit to the problem solving process as when we problem solve we develop and master many other secondary skills.


In order to problem solve effectively we need to disengage our anxious mind so as to think objectively about the situation, so often calming techniques such as breathing exercises are advantageous.


If you are experiencing a problem at present, are anxious about it and would like to problem solve please read my article on mindfulness first as this will help you to calm your mind in preparation for effective problem solving. The article is titled ‘How to stop living on auto-pilot and live for the moment’. Once calm you will be in the right mind frame to problem solve.


Other skills hugely enhanced by problem solving include analytical ability and our organisational aptitude, both of which are greatly used during the problem solving process.


Why assertiveness helps us to be authentic with family

All too often people confuse assertiveness with rudeness or aggression. Some say ‘I say it like it is!’ or think that brutal honesty which can often be hurtful is somehow assertive. Others still think that the opposite to being passive or a ‘pushover’ is to be tough minded and always get what you want. The truth is that truly assertive people are neither disrespectful, rude nor aggressive. Genuinely assertive people are considerate of others whilst diplomatically expressing their own thoughts, feelings, beliefs or values. They are neither passive or aggressive and they protect both their own rights and others rights when communicating.