When it comes to problem solving it’s very easy to say list the pros and cons but what do you do if you draw a blank and don’t know where to begin? Here are some questions to get you started…


Questions which will help reveal the pro’s and con’s:


  1. How easy is this solution?
  2. How fast is this solution?
  3. What resources would I need to execute this solution? Do I have everything I need to hand and if not could I source what I need?
  4. How practical is this solution?
  5. If executed well, is this solution very effective?
  6. What could go wrong? How likely is it that something may go wrong?
  7. What are the odds of this solution working well overall?
  8. Do I have any relevant experience which would benefit my executing this solution now?
  9. Does the solution rely on anyone else to work? If so how reliable are the individuals in question?
  10. Does the solution working depend upon anything outside of my control? If so to what degree? If to a large degree could the solution be classed as high risk?