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Last week we finished the last five steps in creating greater balance at work, these being:

4. Focus on one thing at a time

5. Delegate where possible

6. Take breaks and eat lunch

7. Avoid procrastinating

8. Don’t define yourself by your job performance or status


This week we begin looking at the eleven steps to finding greater balance at home, including not checking work emails and scheduling in one thing to look forward to each day.


The Eleven Steps To Find Balance At Home


Step One: Don’t check emails after your contracted hours


As I mentioned earlier in this series I have ensured that I have not calibrated my phone to receive work emails. I know all too well that if I had this facility on my phone my personal life would suffer. If you can already access work emails out of hours make absolutely sure you no longer look at them out of hours – there is nothing that cannot wait until the next morning!


Step Two: Exercise


Exercise has not only been proven to improve the health of our hearts and reduce the likelihood of heart disease but it also helps to prevent osteoporosis – a debilitating disease which depletes bone density  and can lead to frequent bone fractures in later life. It has been shown to reduce obesity, reduce the likelihood of diabetes, increase our libido’s, promoting a sexually healthy lifestyle and even and lengthens our life span. Should you need further convincing exercise also helps reduce insomnia, improving our sleep quality, which in turn makes us more emotionally resilient to life’s ups and downs.


But the benefits to exercise are more far reaching than just helping to increase our physical health – exercise has been proven to improve our mental and emotional health too! Exercise improves our reasoning ability and memory function and has been shown to reduce the stress hormone Cortisol – proving that through regular exercise we can lower our stress levels. In addition, the endorphin’s exercise releases gives us a considerable positive emotional boost, providing us with an invaluable sense of well being.


Step Three: Have your five a day


Good nutrition boosts memory, performance and energy, so ensure you are getting enough vegetables and fruit throughout the day – your performance at work and at home will be better and your skin and body will thank you for it!