Finding Balance In Action: Schedule in creativity

Ok so I know there’s A LOT of exercises this week, so feel free to schedule this one in for any time in the next two weeks. I would say that this is one of the most important exercises as it cultivates true self expression and can be so immensely rewarding, genuinely renewing your spirit.


Schedule in a creative activity from Monday’s list (or think of anything creative for that matter) to do for one evening this week – even if only for an hour. TIP: Your favorite childhood creative pastimes are often extremely fun to revisit!


How to Design a More Fulfilling Life by Being Creative in 6 Simple Steps Part Four

Picture courtesy of Shutterstock

Picture courtesy of Shutterstock


Last week we looked at how to gain wise advisers, create or find an inspiring environment and how to practise creativity regularly by installing routines. This week learn how to avoid the number one pitfall most people who start being creative make and how to avoid it, as well as an extensive list of creative activities that will have you itching to get your creative hat on.


Step Six – Enjoy the Process and Forget the Outcome


I am a self confessed perfectionist. If I do something I like to do it to the very best of my ability. Whilst there are definite advantages to being a perfectionist, such as having high standards, it can also be very damaging when applied to creativity.


For example, if we are too invested in the result of our creative efforts we actually harm our creativity. By focussing on the end product we constantly evaluate our work and inhibit our creative flare. Ironically, our performance is far better when we focus solely on the process, whereby the means is more valued than the ends.


How to Design a More Fulfilling Life by Being Creative in 6 Simple Steps Part Three

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Picture courtesy of Shutterstock


Last week we looked at how play and quality alone time can boost our creativity and lead us to live more fulfilling lives. This week we explore how to maximise our creative potential through seeking advisors, creating a tranquil and inspiring environment and installing daily creative routines. Be prepared for your creativity to shine through brighter than the north star!


Step Three – Acquire a Cabinet of Advisors and Know Each Members Specialism


When I started to write one of the first things I did was to acquire a cabinet of advisors. I enlisted a practicing therapist to approve the psychology content of my articles and I got my mom, a teacher, to proof-read my articles for grammar. It was easy to recognise the specialism of my mom and the therapist straight away but it isn’t always so obvious.


For example, I sent one of my blog articles to my best friend who gave me some invaluable constructive criticism. As a result of her feedback I realised her specialism was content evaluation from the readerships perspective.


One of the reasons why my cabinet was so effective is because each member was honest with their feedback, they weren’t simply ‘yes people’, they gave me genuine guidance. When choosing your own advisors make sure you select people who will deliver honest advice in a sensitive and diplomatic way.


How to avoid stifling creativity and harming how fulfilled you are

If you are seeking a more fulfilled life by finding your inner voice and becoming creative there are a few things to be wary of which can stifle creativity.


Probably the biggest trap would be to focus too much on the outcome of your efforts. Easier said than done I know, but creativity flows best and gives you the most rewards when you simply enjoy the process, without thinking about the end product. Remember you don’t have to be Picasso to love and enjoy painting!


How to use self-expression, fun and relaxation to build a more fulfilled life

When we express our unique voice through creativity it leads to a sense of fulfillment that is seldom found elsewhere. However, there are so many things we can do to seek a more fulfilled life, many of them being interlinked. For example, play (or fun) and relaxation both lead to a more fulfilled life but also contribute towards creativity and ultimately self-expression, greater authenticity and happiness.


How to both unwind and boost your creativity

If there’s one thing that stifles creativity it’s stress. When we are stressed our concentration, memory and ability to deal with things all diminishes and everything begins to feel like a burden, even fun creative pastimes. In order to reduce stress, thereby boosting your creativity and getting the most out of your free time try these stress busting activities to help you unwind and regain your equilibrium.


  • Plan a time management strategy and write it into your diary (you will feel more in control)
  • Tidy your surroundings, making for a more calm environment
  • Exercise
  • Take the evening off all activities


How to Design a More Fulfilling Life by Being Creative in 6 Simple Steps Part Two

Picture courtesy of Shutterstock

Picture courtesy of Shutterstock


Last week I spoke about how important creativity is in helping us lead a more fulfilling life. Now let’s explore how we can foster more creative inspiration and expression in our day to day lives.


Step One – Play More


Dr. Brown, founder of the National Institute for Play, claims that playing promotes our being open to new ideas and increases our creativity. Play can be defined as something we do for the sake of it, with the process prized above the outcome.


Without realising it, I was playing all the time by singing but not all play is necessarily creative – laughing with friends is just as playful as singing! Dr. Brown cites play as art, books, movies, music, comedy, flirting, sport and even daydreaming. Adventure can also be an integral part of play, with novelty often adding to our sense of enjoyment. Create more time for play in your life and have fun whilst boosting your creativity.


How to schedule in more time for play (and why you should)

When most think of play they immediately think of spontaneous play, however play can be just as beneficial – and definitely as much fun – if it is scheduled in. And the best part? Scheduled play allows you to reap exactly the same benefits of boosting creativity, whilst promoting greater light-heartedness, empathy, flexibility, adaptiveness, optimism and hope for the future.


I have listed some examples for non-spontaneous play below which you may want to try out.


  • All sports
  • All board games
  • Playing an instrument
  • Creating art
  • Arts and crafts
  • Karaoke
  • Bowling


How to be more spontaneously playful (and why it’s good for you)

I have to admit that I have a great deal of structure in my life but even I recognize the value of spontaneous play. It boosts creativity and promotes greater light-heartedness, empathy, flexibility, adaptiveness, optimism, hope for the future and produces a sense of belonging.


By it’s very nature it is difficult to plan for spontaneous play however there are things you can do to maximize the likelihood of bursting into play! Scheduling in more fun nights out, turning up the radio on road trips and even bluebell walks are all ways of maximizing the likelihood of spontaneous play by ensuring your environment is appropriate.


I have listed just a few examples of spontaneous play to give you an arsenal the next time you feel care-free and fancy a playful time.


Harness your inner voice by creatively expressing yourself

I often say that creativity is the purest form of self-expression and whilst I believe that’s true of almost any creative endeavor, some creative pastimes are more self-expressive than others. So I’ve taken it upon myself to list the most self-expressive creative activities you can engage in. Though some may sound like endeavors which only skilled artists should pursue, anyone can delve in and find true joy from either writing song lyrics or singing.


  • Singing
  • Writing song lyrics
  • Creative writing


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