cultivate resilience

How finding your reason why will see you through tough times

One thing that was lacking during the toughest seasons of my life was my reason why. I lacked a clear incentive to recover beyond just wanting to feel better and so, without a clear idea of what I was recovering for, getting back on track was harder. Today I have many reasons why. My passion for creativity and writing and my goal to publish a book, my desire to excel in my career and one day buy a house and most important of all, my relationships with friends and family.


These reasons why have provided me with a greater level of determination to practice self care so that I avoid burn out and, when tough times have hit, have encouraged me to put all my energies into getting better through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, stress management, seeing friends and family and using positivity. Having a clear reason why, something that both inspires you and fills you with excitement for the future, will greatly increase your resilience when tough times hit, motivating you to move forwards towards a bright future.


Some common reasons why are:


Can you really actively cultivate resilience?

Throughout my life it has been true to say that the more difficulty I faced, the more resilient I became. However, as I began to practice more personal development strategies in life I’ve also come to realize that I needn’t have waited for difficulty in order to develop more resilience – I realized that there are concrete things which we can all do to proactively cultivate more resilience in advance of when tough times hit.


Should you wish to cultivate more resilience in advance of facing difficulty here are my extra top tips that can’t be found anywhere else, including in my series posts on Mondays!


  • Release built up tension at the end of the day by having a hot shower / bath with calming bubble bath / shower cream and chill out music


  • Write down all the things you have to be grateful for (a sentence a day journal is a great way of doing this) – this will encourage you to appreciate your life more and give you a more balanced perspective when things go wrong