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Photo courtesy of Shutterstock


Last week we explored the psychological impact of losing patience and its consequences. This week we explore the psychological impact of having more patience and examine how we can begin to cultivate more.


The psychological impact of having more patience


When we have more patience we are more calm, less anxious and generally happier and more content. Whilst there are many psychological benefits to being more patient, I have explored the main benefits below.


Improved relationships


When we are more patient our relationships flourish. Rather than being irritable we are accommodating and calm. There is much less potential for conflict and our relationships are more harmonious as a result.


Realistic expectations of yourself and others


When we are more patient we have more realistic expectations of ourselves and others, helping to combat perfectionistic tendencies and thinking.


For example, if I always carry out others requests of me straight away because I am a perfectionist, practicing patience will help me realize that I work differently to others and that this is not necessarily better or worse – just different. Likewise, I may begin to realize that my perfectionism and self-imposed expectations are unrealistic and perhaps even unhealthy.


Increased self-esteem