It’s always difficult to take a pay cut, which is what invariably happens when we change jobs for one with less responsibility and a better work / life balance. Though this is never an easy decision, it is one that those of us who have climbed the career ladder will at some point face (or at the very least think about).


Having had post traumatic stress disorder in the past I know my limitations well and, for me, a work life balance that supports my emotional well being and health is my number one priority. Sure, when faced with the question ‘do you want to be stressed and work all the time?’ almost everyone would say no. In reality though, the process of climbing the career ladder is a gradual one and, with practicalities to consider like rising living costs and bills, finances understandably must impact our decision.


Though only you will know what is best for you, if you feel like you are constantly burnt out and you are not sure how much longer you can sustain your current lifestyle, I would urge you to consider whether changing jobs / careers is maybe something to look into.


If you are exploring your options for a new career follow the steps below for an easy way to reach a decision that works for you: