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So far this series we’ve covered a lot of ground so just to give you a recap the steps we’ve examined are:


The Eight Steps To Find Balance At Work


  1. Manage expectations and reduce perfectionism
  2. Break up big tasks and set manageable daily goals
  3. Do important and urgent tasks first and prioritize
  4. Focus on one thing at a time
  5. Delegate where possible
  6. Take breaks and eat lunch
  7. Avoid procrastinating
  8. Don’t define yourself by your job performance or status


The Eleven Steps To Find Balance At Home


  1. Don’t check emails after your contracted hours
  2. Exercise
  3. Have your five a day
  4. Mindfulness meditation
  5. Schedule in one thing to look forward to each day
  6. Have hobbies and interests outside of work
  7. If you have a stressful work day, prioritize relaxing at home


This final week in the series we will take a look at steps eight through to eleven in creating more balance at home, including seeing friends and family, living by your own priorities and taking regular vacations throughout the year.


Step Eight: Schedule in friends and family


It’s important to keep in regular contact with friends and family if you want your relationships to remain strong and healthy. Ultimately we are social beings so it is vital to maintain and nurture our relationships for our sense of belonging, connection and happiness.


If you are really busy you can still text, schedule in a call to catch up, or, better yet, a Skype session or face to face meeting. Try to see friends or family weekly to ensure you reap the psychological benefits of having a close network of social support.


If you believe your friendships are not the best they could be, please read ‘Why Building Strong Friendships is Important For Our Health’ to discover the 10 key behaviors which will improve them beyond measure.


Equally, should you like to develop closer bonds with family you can read ‘The 10 Key Behaviors That Will Ensure Strong Family Bonds Over the Holidays’ (which is applicable no matter what time of year).