diffusing conflict

How to use humor to test the waters with burning issues

Laughter really is the best cure, and also quite revealing too! Have you ever heard the expression ‘never a truer word is spoken in jest’? Well one of the best ways to find out if something is going to be a contentious issue or to find out if you are both on the same page is to bring up the issue in the guise of a joke. I often joked I would move to be closer to my boyfriend and he seemed receptive to the idea whenever I joked about it, after a few jokes we both felt comfortable enough to talk about it seriously. Thankfully – as his reaction to my jokes suggested – he was in favor of the idea!


Family Matters – How to use your body language around family to improve relations

Throughout the years I’ve learnt to love that my family knows me so well. They know my mannerisms, they understand my quirky sense of humour, my ‘concentration face’ when I’m trying to focus or I’m absorbed into something. Unfortunately, they also know when I’m feigning interest, am distracted or irritated. In order to live an authentic life and foster deeper intimacy with family it’s important to be open, honest and assertive, expressing your feelings, thoughts, opinions and beliefs in a diplomatic and respectful way.


I’m certainly not suggesting we should cover up our true feelings or put on a mask by using body language strategically, rather what I am suggesting is that by consciously being aware of our body language we can emphasise our interest or even stop aggressive body language which often fuels disagreements.


Below I have outlined some common body language which can serve to keep the peace or show your interest: