Confidence In Action: Train and Learn

Today’s task is to take a look at last week’s exercise where you listed a situation you lack confidence in.  Think of one example of how you can learn / train if needed and build up your experience in the relevant areas in order to foster more internal confidence with which to approach your situation in future.


When thinking of this, the following questions may be helpful:


  1. Can someone more experienced be your advisor or mentor?
  2. Are there professional courses you could take?
  3. Are there vocational courses you could take like assertiveness, hobby classes or skills based classes?
  4. Can you read about the situation or skills needed to better handle the situation, thereby learning?
  5. Can you create less scary situations whereby you can practice your new skills?


Confidence In Action: Assertiveness and Socializing

Today’s task is to take a look at last week’s exercise where you listed a situation you lack confidence in.  Read ‘Assertiveness; A Journey Worth Taking’ and give one example of how you can be more assertive in similar situations in future. Then plan a group meeting and practice assertiveness techniques to foster more internal confidence, which will inevitably help you with your situation in future.


Confidence In Action: Choose a confident mentor who is in your life to emulate

Mentors are wonderful things to have. When choosing a confidence mentor look for someone who exudes confidence and who ideally, is either extroverted or introverted like you. If this isn’t possible don’t worry but if you are introverted and your mentor extroverted it is worth bearing this in mind as confidence for you may look slightly different.


If they are a close friend you could ask them to be your mentor and explain that confidence is something you are actively working upon. Ask them how often they feel confident and how often they feel insecure – you might be surprised! Ask them how they act when they are insecure and if they have any tips for fostering greater external confidence. Then spend as much time with them as you can in group settings.


Confidence In Action: Envisage Confidence

Describe how a confident you would feel. What would it look like? How would you act? What would your body language communicate and how? This exercise will help crystalize what you are working towards throughout this series and give you motivation to develop lasting confidence. Place what you write down somewhere accessible like on your phone or on a mirror to inspire you to continue working on your confidence levels.