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Budgeting in action: do the ‘Monthly Savings Budget – Five Year Plan’

Please download Accessible Psychology’s ‘Financial Budgeting Spreadsheet’ below, to take part in today’s exercise:


Download “Finance-Budgeting-Spreadsheet.xlsb” Finance-Budgeting-Spreadsheet.xlsb – Downloaded 282 times – 17 KB


Monthly Savings Budget – Five Year Plan


Now you have how much each of your three goals will cost in terms of money you can incorporate this information into your ‘Monthly Savings Budget – Five Year Plan’.


First of all, check that the amount you find in the ‘Total Monthly Savings’ column matches the amount in the Monthly Expenses and Savings Sheet – specifically the ‘Budgeted’ ‘Total Monthly Savings’ cell. If it does you can skip the technical bit!


What does financial freedom and security mean for you?

Take five minutes to think about what financial freedom would look like for you. How much money would you have in savings? What goals would you want to save up for? Would you start contributing to a pension or contribute more to your existing pension? What insurances would you want to get should the worst happen? Would you want to save money for your children?