Photo courtesy of Shutterstock

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock


Last week we went through some simple exercises to assess if our current job is the right fit, this week we decipher what our ideal job looks like and how we can match these to our strengths and weaknesses.




I then set about listing my weaknesses. Knowing the list was for my eyes only I was as honest as I could possibly be and asked myself questions like ‘What do I struggle with?’ and ‘Which tasks take me longer than usual?’ I would encourage you to do this too, as this exercise allowed me to more accurately see and be aware of my limitations at present. The reason this is so handy to know as it might highlight future training needs for your ideal job or, if you have decided to stay in your role, it will point to areas where you would benefit from further development. Likewise, if you really don’t like certain things, evaluating your weaknesses will enable you to better recognize when a potential job is not the right fit for you.




Next I listed my strengths. I asked myself questions such as ‘What do I find easy?’, ‘What am I faster than others at?’ and ‘What comes naturally to me?’ This is no time to be modest – creating such a list will help you better define which jobs would naturally suit you whilst also helping you during the interview process.


Lastly I created a skills list which itemized all of my professional skills. This also helped me during interviews but more than that it made me recognize skills I had otherwise taken for granted.