How to use self-expression, fun and relaxation to build a more fulfilled life

When we express our unique voice through creativity it leads to a sense of fulfillment that is seldom found elsewhere. However, there are so many things we can do to seek a more fulfilled life, many of them being interlinked. For example, play (or fun) and relaxation both lead to a more fulfilled life but also contribute towards creativity and ultimately self-expression, greater authenticity and happiness.


How to both unwind and boost your creativity

If there’s one thing that stifles creativity it’s stress. When we are stressed our concentration, memory and ability to deal with things all diminishes and everything begins to feel like a burden, even fun creative pastimes. In order to reduce stress, thereby boosting your creativity and getting the most out of your free time try these stress busting activities to help you unwind and regain your equilibrium.


  • Plan a time management strategy and write it into your diary (you will feel more in control)
  • Tidy your surroundings, making for a more calm environment
  • Exercise
  • Take the evening off all activities


How to schedule in more time for play (and why you should)

When most think of play they immediately think of spontaneous play, however play can be just as beneficial – and definitely as much fun – if it is scheduled in. And the best part? Scheduled play allows you to reap exactly the same benefits of boosting creativity, whilst promoting greater light-heartedness, empathy, flexibility, adaptiveness, optimism and hope for the future.


I have listed some examples for non-spontaneous play below which you may want to try out.


  • All sports
  • All board games
  • Playing an instrument
  • Creating art
  • Arts and crafts
  • Karaoke
  • Bowling


Harness your inner voice by creatively expressing yourself

I often say that creativity is the purest form of self-expression and whilst I believe that’s true of almost any creative endeavor, some creative pastimes are more self-expressive than others. So I’ve taken it upon myself to list the most self-expressive creative activities you can engage in. Though some may sound like endeavors which only skilled artists should pursue, anyone can delve in and find true joy from either writing song lyrics or singing.


  • Singing
  • Writing song lyrics
  • Creative writing


How to achieve greater fulfillment in life by fostering more creativity


During my series posts this month I will reveal the six fundamental steps I took to foster more creativity in my life and gain greater fulfillment.


Here is a preview of the steps featured in this month’s series posts, due to start next Monday:


Step One:            Play more

Step Two:            Quality alone time

Step Three:        Acquire a cabinet of advisors


Why being creative is good for your emotional health


To feel understood is one of the greatest human needs. When we are creative we express our inner-self in a way that language often cannot. The resultant joy that flows from our artistic self-expression is not only therapeutic but fulfilling too.


When we use creativity to express ourselves it is fun and freeing – we feel liberated, as if we have just found our vocal cords for the first time.


What is creativity anyway? (And why it’s a big deal)

Rollo May, defines creativity in ‘The Courage to Create’ as:


“Creativity is the process of bringing something new into being. Creativity requires passion and commitment. It brings to our awareness what was previously hidden and points to new life. The experience is one of heightened consciousness: ecstasy.” 


To me, creativity is divine. It is the process of creation and is self-expression in its purest form. When we express ourselves so authentically the result is utter elation and fulfillment.


I am saddened when I think back to the years of my life when I didn’t think I was ‘the creative type’. Had I known that the process of being creative was as natural to the human race as breathing, I could have had many more years reveling in the joy of being creative.