Ever since having learnt how to effectively problem solve I often wonder how I managed before in those years when I feared choosing one path instead of another, when I over relied on my friends opinions of what I should do, often choosing ‘solutions’ which really didn’t work for me whatsoever. The critical difference between those years and now is that in the past I mainly made decisions based on pure trial and error, often ignoring my gut and paying a hefty price for not doing my research.


In the end my lack of problem solving ability and ignoring my gut took it’s toll, culminating in my marrying entirely the wrong man. As you can see, effective problem solving not only enables you to make more informed decisions but can, in a very real way, save you from disaster.


In reality I believe problem solving is a combination of both the head and the heart (or gut / instinct) working together to find a solution that not only makes sense and looks good on paper but one that works best with you and what you want out of life. To me it has proven critical to disregard others opinions or plans for my life whilst working through my decision making process. This has not only allowed me to pursue a more authentic life but has meant the decisions I do make are much more in tune with the life I want to create. This has ultimately meant I am more satisfied by how my chosen solutions have manifested themselves, hugely enhancing my quality of life.