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This month’s hot topic is… ‘How to love what you do and get the most out of your career’

I’m very excited to share this month’s hot topic with you on career planning. There are more people unhappy in their working lives than ever and I personally believe it is an epidemic! I’m drawing on many of the techniques featured in this series at the moment as I search for my next career move.


In this month’s hot topic each Monday in the series posts we will examine:


The psychological effect of hating work and its impact on our health
The psychological effect of loving work and its impact on our health
Current Job; Likes and Dislikes
Evaluating whether or not to stay put
Listing your weaknesses, strengths and skills
Deciding on your ideal job
Creating your ideal job description, pay and industry / environment
Being strategic
Deciphering between the job and the people
Considering further professional training
What to do if you decide to stay
Finding the silver lining


As ever please stay tuned for the Career In Action posts, typically every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (though this meaty hot topic will be jam packed with these throughout the week). The ‘In Action’ posts will feature practical exercises designed to take you through the career / job planning stages – enabling you to implement the topics covered in the series posts so they impact your professional life for the better.


Finally, if you are perfectly happy in your career please spread the word to those that aren’t about this series. I’m very excited about the insights and techniques I have to share with you this month and want more than anything to reach and help people unhappy in their career.


Wishing you all a wonderful week,

x X x Jenny x X x

Octobers Hot Topic – Receiving Criticism

We all know that receiving criticism can be very hard indeed. Often feeling like a personal attack, the instinctive thing to do is to become defensive and yet this approach can undermine growth or worse, lead to conflict. In this series I will be exploring the ways by which we can receive criticism so that put downs are exposed and, if the criticism is constructive, genuine learning and growth can take place.


In a very real way this assertiveness based skill can help you advance in your career and personal life beyond measure – so let’s begin!


x X x Jenny x X x

August’s Hot Topic – Romance Central

Next month’s series is all about how to cultivate healthy intimate relationships and get the most out of your love life! I’ve designed the series so it’s just as applicable for singletons seeking relationships as for those already in relationships and I’m really excited to share some tips and tricks to keep the spark, deep connection and appreciation between you and your partner alive.


In this series we will explore:



  1. Warning signs to look out for that you are in a toxic or abusive relationship
  2. Unhealthy relationship models – the dynamics that foster unhealthy intimate relationships and why
  3. Unhealthy relationship behaviors and how to avoid them
  4. Healthy relationship model – the dynamic that fosters healthy fulfilling intimate relationships
  5. Healthy relationship behaviors; how and why they nurture your relationship (including the brownie points game)


I’m so excited to hear your thoughts on this series as they weeks pass by, please do comment! I have to say this was by far one of the most enjoyable series to write and I hope it will guide you towards a fun, loving and fulfilling intimate relationship or serve to strengthen your existing one.


Wishing you all a truly wonderful week!


x X x Jenny x X x

July’s Hot Topic – The Growing Epidemic of Narcissism


Next month’s hot topic is narcissism. With a growing number of the population now falling well within the narcissistic spectrum it is essential to be able to spot a narcissist early on so as to avoid a potentially toxic relationship, whether it be with a co-worker, friend, boss or romantic interest.


Next month’s series will walk you through how to spot narcissist whether they be co-workers, lovers or friends. It will give top tips on how to disengage from their games and what to do when the narcissist in question is a family member – you won’t want to miss it so stay tuned!

Next Month’s Hot Topic – Kindness and it’s inextricable Link to Long-Term Happiness


Next month’s hot topic is particularly close to my heart and is called ‘What’s in it for me? The transformative power of kindness and its inextricable link to long-term happiness’. The series looks at how, by making just a few minor changes, we can reap the benefits of long term happiness by being kinder.


The further reading for this month’s series is not only uplifting but incredibly poignant; the book’s title is  ‘The Power of Kindness: The Unexpected Benefits of Leading a Compassionate Life’ by Piero Ferrucci.  The Dalia Lama lists it as “A book after my own heart!’ with topics including honesty, warmth, forgiveness, mindfulness, patience, generosity, gratitude, service and joy amongst others.


As part of this month’s hot topic I have a thirty day kindness challenge to do one kind thing a day for thirty days so we can test the theory for ourselves and see our happiness soar to new heights. Join me in exploring a more compassionate and happy existence as we embark on a kindness project like no other.


Wishing you a wonderful week ahead,


x X x Jenny x X x

Next month’s hot topic – Anxiety

I’m really excited to reveal that next month’s hot topic is anxiety. Having suffered from anxiety myself I know just how debilitating can be. It’s important to remember that anxiety is different from mere worrying (which admittedly is awful too).


Whereas worry is considered by psychologists to be normal and tends to relate to something specific, for example, your performance on a test, anxiety is more generalized and all pervasive and is considered by psychologists to be more severe by nature.


If you tend to worry a lot please sign up to my mailing list to get your free downloadable eBook ‘Don’t worry, be happy’.


For those of you that are unsure as to whether you have experienced or are experiencing anxiety there will be a ‘How anxious are you?’ questionnaire as part of my linear posts in the first week of the series!


In next month’s anxiety series we will cover:


March’s Hot Topic – Problem Solving

Having reaped the rewards of increased flexibility and adaptiveness by incorporating more play into our daily lives – the two key qualities which most equip us for dealing with change – I thought that problem solving would be a great hot topic to cover as we would now be in a perfect position to look at how best to tackle change and decision making when it inevitably arises.


Problem solving is a six step process which, to do well, involves us being receptive to all possibilities so we can look at and evaluate all the options objectively.


In this month’s series we will be covering:


  1. Identify and Clearly Define the Problem
  2. Brainstorm Possible Solutions
  3. Assess the Pro’s and Con’s
  4. Plan how to carry out your solutions
  5. Action
  6. Review


Although these steps look relatively simple in practise problem solving can be quite involved so throughout March I’ll be taking you through the steps one by one so you can get the most out of your decision making. As always the more in-depth series posts will be featured on Mondays with linear posts published Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.





February’s New Hot Topic… Play!

In today’s hectic world all too often play is thought of as childish and indulgent but recent studies by Dr. Brown, founder of the National Institute for Play, have revealed that play leads to greater light-heartedness, empathy, flexibility, adaptiveness, optimism, hope for the future and produces a sense of belonging. Play even promotes our being open to new ideas and increases our creativity.


So this February join me in rediscovering a life full of both wonder and play – a life where obstacles are successfully tackled with our newly enhanced skills of flexibility and adaptiveness. A life which promotes well being and ultimately leads to our relationships flourishing as a result of greater empathy, optimism and hope.


I can’t wait to embark on this journey with you all!


Wishing you all the joy and happiness you deserve,


x X x Jenny x X x

Augusts Hot Topic: Authenticity


Starting from next Monday we have a new hot topic – authenticity!


Why go to all the effort of becoming your most authentic self? Here are just some of the benefits:


  1. Being accepted and loved for who you truly are
  2. Having a well developed strong identity and sense of self
  3. Having a high level of integrity due to being very honest
  4. Having a high level of self esteem
  5. Living in tune with your own goals, dreams and priorities
  6. This all culminates in a happier, more fulfilled and contented life!


As we explore what constitutes an authentic life and what steps we can take to achieve one we will look at: