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Is there ever a right time to give up? What to do when what you’re doing isn’t working

I’ve thought about this issue a lot over the years. What to do when you don’t seem to be making progress and you feel like nothing is working. The more I pondered the question as to whether there is ever a right time to give up, the more certain I became that if something is truly important to you, you owe it to yourself to keep trying.


This philosophy relates to goals more than relationships as, although I hold a similar view with relationships, ultimately, relationships need the commitment of two people to truly make things work in the long term. This isn’t to say that trying different strategies to save a relationship isn’t worthwhile, in fact I would advise you to do so, but in the end both people need to want to repair the relationship as a bare minimum.


In terms of goals, even (and perhaps especially) grand life goals – the type of goals that would genuinely be a dream come true – I firmly believe you need to have unrelenting grit. For example, one of my life goals is to have a book published. If after years of hard work I seemed to reach a dead end I may well want to give up and even if I didn’t, I might not be able to imagine that it would ever be published if I felt discouraged.


So what should I do?


I would rest and re-strategize.


Do you believe in self-fulfilling prophesies? Here’s how to make them work for you!

Have you ever heard the expression, believe in yourself and others will too? I’ve always agreed with this saying, even when I found it incredibly hard to put it into practice. When others see high levels of self belief it is catching, as soon as you exert confidence and self belief others will often buy into your success too.


When you genuinely believe in yourself you recognize opportunities that align with your goals easier; you tend to have more perseverance, determination and grit in working towards your goals, consequently your confidence in a successful outcome becomes a self fulfilling prophesy!


How does this help you increase your resilience? Together with your reason why, if you believe you can and will achieve your goal, you’re more likely to view the future positively, thereby increasing your determination and grit to get back on track during difficult times.


Ways to foster greater levels of self belief: