increasing resilience

Why finding the silver lining in life works best for resilience

Almost everyone goes through challenging, tough times. After having been negative in the past and viewing difficulty as having no redeeming qualities, to now being positive and seeking the silver lining, I can say that my approach now has infinitely helped my resilience. Indeed many who have faced adversity find this, that a large factor in building resilience is being able to see the positive side of life’s challenges.


When we seek to find the silver lining it helps us to not dwell on the negative, adds to our sense of life meaning and purpose (for example I believe my breakdown positively impacted the person I have become) and ultimately propels us forward. The silver lining of life’s trials has many forms, whether it be learning a life lesson, developing inner strength, developing character, changing the course of one’s life for the better, not taking life for granted, increasing intimacy with those we love or discovering who our true friends are in the first place.


For me, learning to seek the silver lining didn’t come naturally. It took a lot of conditioning to be positive to begin to recognize the benefits of life’s trials. Here are some soul seeking questions I asked myself so I could better understand the benefits to the challenges I experienced, I hope they will enable you to see some positives amongst the pain, however small.


Why having a relaxation haven in your home releases stress and boosts resilience

Over the years I’ve come to believe that releasing tension is critical if we are to develop greater resilience. There are so many ways we can unwind, each extremely beneficial to our well being and resilience. One of the ways that has helped me is to create a relaxation haven in my home. A place to visualize, meditate and find calm.


For me this is my bedroom but it can be any room of your choosing, so long as it serves as a place where you can get away from it all. This needn’t be expensive so here are my top tips for creating a relaxation haven in your very own home.