In my early twenties I worked in a bar earning just over the minimum wage. I thought budgeting on such a small salary was impossible. I was often late paying my rent, ran out of money for food and had to be bailed out by my parents on more than one occasion. Before you say it I know, I was incredibly fortunate to have my parents support and there are those that do not have parents who are able to loan them money in times of need – making budgeting even more essential.


It got so bad I even lost weight as a result of not being able to afford food. The crazy thing is that I was wasting money on fast food when I could have, with just a little planning, bought healthy food at a supermarket which would have been cheaper and lasted longer. Impulsive spending to make myself feel good and a lack of financial discipline were at the root of my problem.


Here are some of the cheap ways which we can make ourselves feel good that I’ve picked up along my budgeting journey: