I often see children playing out in public as if nothing existed beyond the game they were engaged in. Witnessing children’s play is joyful; it is so uninhibited and they are so absorbed. As adults, we can learn a great deal from child like play. When we allow ourselves to fully let go of our inhibitions whilst engaging in play we enter a truly joyful and captivated state.


Naturally inhibitions serve a purpose. As we approach adulthood we learn what is socially acceptable and what is not and thus develop inhibitions around what we consider to be socially unacceptable. Like any psychological protection mechanism it can backfire and prove outdated. The danger is that I might perceive something as socially unacceptable whereas in fact it is fine. For example, I always used to dance whenever I felt like it – whether the dance floor was empty or not. Since giving up drinking, this proved harder and admittedly my inhibitions curtailed my spontaneous dancing… for a while.


So if you want to recapture your inner child and be captivated by play again simply follow the steps I successfully took which will help you to lose your inhibitions.