internal confidence

Why confidence can increase with age (and how to speed up the process)

The one thing I’ve found is that in many ways confidence increases with age. I’m not referring to the youthful type of confidence which verges on arrogance and is rife with insecurity; I’m speaking of the type of confidence that is calmly self-assured, the type that whispers rather than shouts.


The type which tells you that you are exactly who you were always meant to be and makes you comfortable in your own skin, making no excuses or apologies for who you are and realizing that if anyone objects it is of no consequence to you, it being more of a reflection upon them than you. This is internal confidence at its best.


For those in their twenties who do not share this type of internal confidence this may be reassuring however you needn’t just sit and wait for internal confidence to naturally develop as there are definite steps you can take to speed up this process.


Try this quick little exercise and you may well be on your way!


Why Internal Confidence is the Most Important Form of Confidence

In this series I frequently talk about both internal and external confidence. Whilst developing external confidence is liberating, the ultimate aim of fostering external confidence is to have it positively impact your internal confidence.


When most people talk of confidence they are referring to internal confidence as only when confidence is experienced internally is it lasting and seen to be genuine. The aim therefore is to work on our internal confidence first and foremost whilst also developing our external confidence for situations whereby we may be more shy or lacking in confidence. The idea is that the more we practice external confidence, the more internal confidence we will develop.