Lose yourself in play: Embracing silliness!

In my younger years I naturally embraced silliness. I skipped down the street, piggybacked unexpectedly on friends, made up games and generally giggled a lot. Somewhere along the way, perhaps as I grew older, I ceased being as silly. It happened so gradually that it took for me to reflect to notice it, but nevertheless it happened. I still had my silly moments of course, but they had become fewer and further between.


Although some might call this a natural progression when we age I was determined to regain some of my silliness that shaped my younger years. Silliness that created spontaneity, joy and a sense of wonder. After all I had known many people older than I who had retained silliness and embraced it well into old age.


The Many Roads To Happiness…


“People take different roads seeking fulfilment and happiness. Just because they’re not on your road doesn’t mean they’ve gotten lost.” H Jackson Browne


Whilst there are certain universal principles which lead to greater happiness, like living in line with ones values for example, the path to happiness is just as unique and varied as each of us. Although our humanity unites us all, we each have idiosyncrasies and distinctly individual likes and dislikes. What brings me laughter and joy, another may not even find funny, and so it is with happiness. Even the basic principles of happiness, like living by ones values, are different for everyone. What struck me most about readers’ comments was the diversity of them, however, this should not really have been surprising when considering the wide spectrum of human nature.