Photo courtesy of Shutterstock

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock


This is the final week in the series, so far we have covered:


  • The intimate relationship between patience and anger
  • Symptoms of impatience
  • Finding your triggers
  • The psychological impact of losing patience and its consequences
  • The psychological impact of having more patience


This week we continue to examine how we can all cultivate more patience.




Mindfulness meditation teaches us to appreciate the present moment non-judgmentally and gives us a sense of contentment and peace , naturally cultivating more patience. Try these nifty exercises to become more mindful in your daily life:


The Three Minute Breathing Space


Sit in an upright position with a straight posture. Breath in and out slowly, your belly rising on the in-breath. Examine your body sensations from your toes to your head. What emotions are present? What thoughts are you aware of?


Return your focus to your breathing. Feel your stomach rise slowly on the in-breath and fall on the out breath.


Become aware of the entirety of your body and the sensations within it whilst slowly inhaling and exhaling.


Compassionate Mindfulness