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Romance In Action: Write a list of the ideal qualities you would like in a partner


This sounds silly I know but when I was single I wrote a ‘shopping list’ of all the qualities I wanted in a partner and I do believe that if you take the time to be intentional in terms of what you are looking for in this way you will naturally attract people who fall in line with what you are seeking. My boyfriend today not only has all of the qualities I was looking for but even has fifteen or so further qualities – bonus hey?!? Keep your list somewhere noticeable like on your phone or on a mirror.


Do you believe in self-fulfilling prophesies? Here’s how to make them work for you!

Have you ever heard the expression, believe in yourself and others will too? I’ve always agreed with this saying, even when I found it incredibly hard to put it into practice. When others see high levels of self belief it is catching, as soon as you exert confidence and self belief others will often buy into your success too.


When you genuinely believe in yourself you recognize opportunities that align with your goals easier; you tend to have more perseverance, determination and grit in working towards your goals, consequently your confidence in a successful outcome becomes a self fulfilling prophesy!


How does this help you increase your resilience? Together with your reason why, if you believe you can and will achieve your goal, you’re more likely to view the future positively, thereby increasing your determination and grit to get back on track during difficult times.


Ways to foster greater levels of self belief:


Why Karma works with forgiveness


‘Treat others how you would wish to be treated’ is a common truism that has grass roots in the notion of Karma. Some may even call it the law of attraction, others still Christianity. However you choose to describe the origins of this truism I firmly believe that when you extend forgiveness to others, others are more inclined to extend forgiveness to you.


Some of the greatest speakers in the world such as Tony Robbins, Oprah and Deepak Chopra all recognize and frequently advise that if you are seeking more of something in the world, whether it be kindness, peace or even love, you first need to extend this very same thing to others in order to see it fully manifest in your life.


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Further Reading Page Updated with Fabulous New Books!

The Further Reading page has just been updated with excellent new books on depression, goals, visualisation, law of attraction, time management and happiness. The page features each books description and all the details you need (such as ISBN numbers) to take note of which books you like best.

We even have links for you to see the Amazon listing and reviews! Enjoy!

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