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Why health equals energy and the impact it can have on your work life balance

I once heard a wise man say health = energy (the awesome Tony Robbins). To me this is so true, when I have been at my healthiest I have felt a vitality that was otherwise absent. It gave me more energy to do the things that were most important to me and provided me with more endurance and a greater zest for life.


When you have energy like this you are able to put your all into work and life, making you feel less run down by all that you need to do and more enthused to do your very best. It improves your social life because you are more up for meeting people, the pursuit of your passions is given a boost and generally your life outside of work flourishes. Work wise you feel more motivated and driven to perform well too.


Finding Balance In Action: Focus on one thing at a time

For one day only I’d like for you to do a little experiment if possible. Work throughout the day focusing on just one thing at a time and note how it affects your efficiency and productivity. Obviously there may be slight interruptions, but try as best you can to block of segments of time to do each separate task.


Indeed, research has shown that multi-tasking actually reduces productivity instead of the wide-spread misconception it enhances it.


When I began to do this after owning a work diary I found my overall productivity at work increased ten-fold. If you find the same I would recommend implementing this new way of working into your daily routine, alongside regular diary management.


For more on productivity and time management please read my article titled ‘Personal Productivity – How to achieve in record-breaking time’.


The psychological benefits of having a work / life balance

When we have a work / life balance we feel rested, productive and we get the most out of our social life. I have always believed in the motto ‘work to live, not live to work’ and whilst I strive for a work / life balance I have never believed that work is more important than my life outside of work, even when I got more serious about developing my career. To me, if I had to choose, I would chose life over work any day. Unfortunately I need to pay the bills and to be honest I find my career rewarding, so it brings its own kind of fulfillment.


To me a true work / life balance is when we get the most out both areas. Below is a more thorough example of what I mean:


Life balance


Getting the most out of… rest, fun, hobbies and interests, friends, family, health, meaning, mission


Work balance


Getting the most out of… time management, career, finances, investments


What do you consider a true work / life balance? Do you consider work or life outside of work more important? Please share your thoughts in the comments below to gain encouragement, insight and support from our community, we’d love to hear from you.