myth busters

Myth busters: Confident People Are Always Confident, No Matter What

Even usually confident people can enter a situation which makes them nervous – an interview for a dream job, meeting the parents of your partner for the first time, even public speaking can inspire otherwise confident people to become nervous. The old myth that confident people are confident 100% of the time is simply not true. So the next time you’re nervous, remember, you’re in good company!


Myth busters: Confident People Always Talk Loads

One of the biggest myths about confidence is that confident people are always extrovert and always talk loads. Introverted people are just as able to be confident and confidence does not always equate to being the life and soul of the party or talking loads. You might just as easily find a confident introvert making quiet conversation with the guest of honor at a party or giving a speech at a wedding.


Myth busters: Confident People Don’t Have Insecurities

Many might be surprised to note that confident people are not without their insecurities – the only difference is that they do not give their insecurities the opportunity to become bigger than they need to be. They keep their insecurities in perspective whilst not allowing them to impact their self-worth, identity or behavior.