For many years when I had to solve problems I was at a loss. Overwhelmed by the many options open to me I was paralysed, unable to move forward and make a decision. Thankfully when I received Cognitive Behavioral Therapy I realised that I needn’t be suffer with indecision again as I learnt how to effectively problem solve. On reflection I always thought that some people were just gifted with problem solving ability, that it just wasn’t something I was any good at and that it certainly wasn’t a skill I could learn. Thankfully I was wrong on all counts, realizing that it was indeed a skill I could foster and perfect, with just a little practise.


Here are just a few of the myths surrounding problem solving which are completely untrue:


You can’t learn how to problem solve


Problem solving is absolutely a skill you can learn and perfect.


There is only one ‘correct’ solution when solving a problem


In reality there are many strategies that, once put into action, will have many advantages. It is more about weighing up which strategy will reap the best advantages for you.