Why narcissists never suspect they are narcissists


One of the core elements of narcissism is that narcissists cannot acknowledge or accept their weaknesses as they find it too threatening to their sense of self. In order to compensate for their weaknesses they present a flashy charismatic persona to the world in a bid to cover their true self, often becoming consumed with love for the false self they present to the world and using the admiration or attention from others to feed their often fragile egos.


It’s not surprising therefore to understand why narcissists are the last to suspect that they are in fact narcissists – this is simply just too threatening to their sense of self.



Top tips for disengaging with narcissists

Being in a relationship with a narcissist can be very damaging, whether they be a friend, partner, co-worker or boss. Here are my top tips for disengaging from their very often cruel games.


  1. If working with a narcissist always write emails copying others in so the credit for your work remains yours.
  2. Focus on the good areas of your life outside of the relationship and distract yourself from the relationship as much as possible.
  3. Do not take their aggressive bait – ever. Remember being in conflict with a narcissist makes them feel powerful and feeds into their ego.
  4. Try to remember most abusive comments from a narcissist are projections of the parts of themselves they can’t accept because they find it too threatening to their sense of self.
  5. Create healthy boundaries and don’t accept them violating them – if they have a tantrum, let them.


What is the difference between psychopaths, sociopaths and clinical narcissists?

With films like Psycho and Gone Girl being ever popular the fascination in the public and on the media with psychopaths, sociopaths and narcissists is at an all time high. What many find confusing is just what distinguishes a psychopath from a sociopath from a clinical narcissist. Whilst these conditions all have much in common there are certain differences.


See below for the definition of each one if you too have ever pondered the question what is the difference between a narcissist, psychopath and sociopath.


Is narcissism becoming an epidemic?

Coverage of narcissism has exploded in the media over the past several years but in truth it has always existed, so is narcissism really becoming an epidemic or are we just more aware of it?


In the eighties there was a huge drive to instil self-esteem in children, but rather than instilling self-esteem and teaching children that they have an inherent worth what has been suggested is that entitlement was taught to the new generation. For example ‘you deserve it’, and a ‘you can have anything you set your eyes on’ attitude. In addition the media has simultaneously promoted a ‘you can have anything’ mentality that has resonated with recent generations.