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Some of you may have noticed that posts have been reduced to only the Monday series articles. In truth there are several reasons, some of which I shall share with you and others which I’m sure, given time, I will write about. I have had a very tough start to 2017, as my dog, Rusty, died from kidney failure. He was my baby and with me since the age of nineteen. I grew up with him and when he passed I felt like he took a bit of me with him. It was my first experience of death as an adult and a very difficult time. Thankfully my faith saw me through and was such a source of strength.


Then around a month ago I had difficulty in one of my close relationships, this has subsided however the healing process is ongoing – though I am now confident enough to say the relationship is on the right path once again. During these trials the one thing I can honestly say I’ve missed is connecting and sharing life with you all. Although I didn’t take the decision to cut back on my writing commitments lightly, I knew that I would not have been living in alignment with my values or therapy had I not followed stress management 101 – reduce demands and increase resources.


And now for my exciting announcement – Accessible Psychology is getting a complete redesign!


Don’t worry I’m keeping the web address however pretty much everything else will be new and improved. One of the main reasons for the redesign is that…