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Photo courtesy of Shutterstock


Last week we formulated our ideal job description and compensation package, this week we look at how to best be strategic when it comes to planning our career, the advantages of opting for further training and we’ll explore the ways by which we can maximize our fulfillment at work.


Be strategic


These days when planning your next career move it is important to be strategic. I had to evaluate carefully whether I wanted to take on more responsibility, if I was prepared to work longer hours or have a commute and honestly assess the kind of work / life balance I was seeking. I then had to allow these factors to directly influence which jobs I applied for – no matter how good on my CV that job in London with the long commute and the hectic hours would look.


Equally money doesn’t always equal advancement. Sometimes it is necessary to make a sideways move or even take a pay cut to enter into a career that has more opportunities for rising up the ladder in future or offers you a better work / life balance.